W- MEDITATION- GROUNDING- Nag Champa & Sandalwood (6oz.)

W- MEDITATION- GROUNDING- Nag Champa & Sandalwood (6oz.)

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[MIND CONTROL] When you're grounded, you are in complete control of your mental and emotional self, and not easly influenced by others ideas. When you are in need of becoming grounded use our GROUNDING candle packed with essential oils to help you center back to self. 

This wonderful fragrance has the aroma of incense; patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon's blood working together with sandalwood, a warm, sweet, rich, woodsy fragrance, to create this wonderful blend.

Take a moment to mindfully light your candle, inhale the natural scents, breathe deeply into the now and invoke the positive.

These candles come in 6oz. Amber jars ONLY 

  • Soy wax blend candle, delivering a clean burn
  • Lead-free wick 
  • 100 % vegan + eco-friendly ✅

  • 35-50 hr burn time 🔥